Integrating Coremetrics with WebSphere Commerce

IBM’s Smarter Commerce is designed to give B2B and B2C companies the ability for one stop shopping for all aspects of commerce. One integral part of the commerce story is web analytics and Coremetrics is the IBM solution.

“Coremetrics Web Analytics is the analytical heart that fuels the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite. Marketers gain a competitive edge because they benefit from not just state of the art analytics but also from comparative benchmarks versus peers and knowledge of how the best performers are actually achieving their successes.”

So let’s get past the marketing mumbo jumbo.

In feature pack 3 of WebSphere Commerce there is even tighter integration and tooling to enable your commerce based sites have analytics. The tasks to get Coremetrics working with an installation can be found in the InfoCenter here. One very cool utility to get a jump start on the process is the auto-tagging utility delivered with the product.

You can run the auto tagging utility to automate the process of tagging store JSP files with the page view tag (<cm:pageview/>).

That only does page views, you can check out another helper page for the following tags:

The last two are pretty powerful and brand new in feature pack 3, check out their links to learn more about them.



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