Ridiculopathy and the web

Not to be confused with Radiculopathy; Ridiculopathy is “The state or chronic condition of being pathologically ridiculous” according to Urban Dictionary. After reading this article I think the article and its author can be labeled as this state.

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Rich web applications

Yesterday I posted a video showing how to create an AB test using the IBM Management Center. Every time I use this web application it reminds be how powerful the web can actually be. Things like drag and drop, clipboard, context menus, copy and paste are all part of the web now. The marketing tool also provides an incredibly powerful search engine built right in, the same search engine that provides the search for the WebSphere Commerce product.

Video: AB Testing with WebSphere Commerce

In this video I show how you can visually build an AB test for your commerce site. The tools used are the IBM Management Center and its rich graphical interface which allows drag and drop in the rule builder.

Blender Siggraph 2011 reel (Revised)

I had to put this on my blog. This is an excellent video showing the many projects made with Blender:

Precision Marketing and eSpots

This video shows the cool visual editor in the IBM Management Center. I create a new web activity and promotion to get people to register on the site by offering 10% off all items in the store for registered customers; the video walks you through all of the steps. The IBM Management Center was designed for business users and is a very easy to use tool.


Twitter helps in catching a criminal!

Once again the power of Twitter and social software is helping in the area of law enforcement. This excellent article explains the series of events in great detail. A 15 year run of an activist spammer named “Mabus” has ended. Mabus sent out thousands of death threats through his reign of spamming has now been arrested.

Today the Montreal Police announced that an arrest has been made (in French here) in the “Mabus” case. It wouldn’t have happened but for Twitter. This post explains how.

Will Googles Web Intents usurp some of the Open Social 2.0 function?

Looks like Google is off doing their own thing in a very interesting space – application integration with Web Intents. Web Intents are not new and have been a primary piece of the Android operating system; it will be interesting to have this concept in a web application. You can read some healthy discussion over on the Open Social forum and also check out this presentation about Web Intents.

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