Lots of goodies in Feature Pack 3 for WebSphere Commerce!

Many new and exciting features are now available in the latest fix-pack for WebSphere Commerce. The team has done a great job in putting in the most warranted function in Feature Pack 3. With the purchase of Sterling Commerce back in November the integration of IBM Sterling Configurator and IBM Distributed Order Management clearly enhance the overall platform.

One of my favorite enhancements are the new triggers for targeted marketing and customer dialogs. The trigger and target for social commerce integration has been enhanced and now you can trigger a dialog when a customer uses a promotion. You can check out all of the triggers and actions from the summary page. All of these triggers and actions give the customer a better sense of personalization when interacted with your site. The user interface for the administrator uses the first class rules creator in Management Center, check out the same rule they show for the promotion trigger:


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