Google+ uses Open Social…it’s looking so…

I knew one of the few people who read this blog would respond. This response was from Ryan Baxter (the lead developer in Lotus integrating Open Social into the next version of Lotus Notes) on Twitter:

From Google+ JS: var Q=j.gadgets||{},Ib=j.shindig||{},R=j.osapi||{},||{}; Answer your question? 🙂 #OpenSocial

I did not get into the first wave of Google+ so I wasn’t even able to get at the source but it looks like Ryan did, but, the time I spent on his team gives me some good insight into what this block of code Ryan sent me means. The j.shindig, j.gadgets, and j.osapi are the key pieces in the line of code. Once again, I don’t have the implementation of these classes but these are exactly the packages my previous team had been working with. Most of the container services function we provided is in the gadgets namespace. OSAPI is most likely Googles implementation of the Container specification. This certainly provides a favorable answer to my previous question but it does not totally confirm Google is off doing their own thing or staying on track with the public specification. (I am sure that comment will generate some feedback).

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