Window Builder for Eclipse – for SWT, RCP and SWING UI’s

With the announcement of Eclipse 3.7 you can see it now includes the Window Builder that Google contributed to the foundation. I wrote about this back in December if 2010 and now it is officially in the 3.7 release. This is an excellent tool and even more amazing is that less than six months later it is officially supported in Eclipse. Great job Eclipse!

SWT and SWING for that matter have always been a hard thing for new people to handle. With the builder you can visually lay out your user interface and see how the code is generated. I think tools like this are a must have for developers. Maybe we will see an uptake in SWT adoption now for native applications…

You can learn more about the Window Builder on the Eclipse site and install it into your Indigo release, link here.

3 thoughts on “Window Builder for Eclipse – for SWT, RCP and SWING UI’s

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