Top reasons why WebSphere Commerce is best of breed

Following my first video of WebSphere Commerce I really want to get across why WebSphere Commerce crushes the competition in two places.

The first area is in database performance and management with regards to extended sites. WebSphere Commerce uses a rules based system for things like catalog filtering, price rules, eMarketing spots etc. This means data is inherited from the hub site and optionally filtered or overridden on the extended site (or esite). This boosts data footprint and management of the data because there is only one data set. Data is not replicated to each extended site – where extended sites are generally used for multiple brands, different geographies, or locales.

The next area is the business process like user interface for content and rules. The easy to use rules user interface allows business users (non technical, IT staff) to pretty much run the entire site. Here is a screen shot of the rule builder for activities, which drive what emarketing content shows in an area on the site:

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8 thoughts on “Top reasons why WebSphere Commerce is best of breed

  1. Very good answer.
    I have a query regarding WCS.How do I know a websiteis been designed by Websphere commerce?

  2. Hi Bob, I have a questionh, I have searched a lot about hub but didn’t find a proper definition of what is hub in Websphere commerce, could you please explain, what is ‘hub’?

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