Lotus Ad shows up in crazy YouTube video

I saw this video on Facebook, shared by Richard Schwartz and thought the video was disturbing at first but realized it must be fake. What caught my eye was the Lotus advertisement near the beginning. I watch the ad area a couple of times and it looks like they are random. I just wonder how many of the 750K people saw that Lotus ad.

2 thoughts on “Lotus Ad shows up in crazy YouTube video

  1. It’s tied more to your google search history and cookies on your machine than the video itself. Go visit the gopro.com website, and then watch how many ads you see for gopro when you visit webpages. It’s crazy, creepy and stalkerish.

  2. Not sure I’d say it was crazy, creepy and stalkerish – more just sensible marketing. You wouldn’t put adverts for kitchen utensils in a magazine about cars would you? It’s just a logical extension from that based on the referrer you arrived from, search terms, and related videos. I don’t see that it’s tied to search history and cookies, not from the adverts displayed here anyway.

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