Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports the TinyMCE!

I have pretty much chosen TinyMCE for all of my projects as I believe it is the most widely used rich text editor on the net. This is very good news!

I was particularly thrilled that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports the TinyMCE WYSIWYG JavaScript editor widely used in Web forms to allow rich text editing. Mobile Safari’s lack of support for the editor frustrates me every day as’s content management system uses it.

Now they just need to fix the bugs!

But my joy evaporated as I experienced display problems, such as the rich text window not refreshing its contents after scrolling. Other JavaScript windows also had display problems, such as significant typing and scrolling lags. The browser even locked up at one point, forcing a hard reset. The iPad’s Safari has never had such quality issues.

Reference article here.

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