Personal Email – I’m not dead yet!

If I analyzed my daily personal behavior in the social world, email still plays a big part of that but it is slowly losing ground to Facebook and Twitter. The main thing I look for in email now is for things like shopping receipts, confirmations, and notifications from the social networks – for me, specifically LinkedIn and Facebook. They usually tell me someone sent me a message or commented on a post. So really, email is becoming more of a centralized place to get my “other” notifications from different software.It’s almost like email is my river of information…

I can’t say the same thing about work.

At work, the primary communication is through email and Sametime (chat for you non-Loti). Even with Lotus Connections I still see the majority of the communications done through these two “legacy” channels. Another great part about email is the fact I can search, categorize into folders, or archive my emails – you just don’t get this yet with the social world – as not many of them are connected in that manner. Lotus Notes plays a big part in this equation. With the different cool side-bar plugins I really don’t have to leave Lotus Notes for much if anything.

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