One year of keeping stats

It has been one full year (plus one month) since I started using the WordPress Site Stats plugin. The stats are structured in a way that you can easily learn about your site and the popularity of the posts. One thing that still amazes me is Google. It continues to be a major factor in my sites hit count. I still have many posts (very old ones at that) that get 2-5 hits a day from Google’s search. My site started five years ago and for the first year averaged about 25 hits a day. Over time more and more hits would come. I read a lot of tips about blogging and “green content” (content that makes your readers keep coming back). My goal for the past year was to attempt to write daily and and in some cases twice a day. I did not really schedule blogs for the weekends because most of my writing was done on the weekends and then scheduled for publishing throughout the next week. And because my blog is primarily business related most of my hits come from Monday through Friday.

From what I can tell most of my hits come from the Lotus, Eclipse and Dojo communities – so thank you to all of my readers!

So how did this blog do in a single year?  Here you …

The site had 108,000 hits over the entire year. Here is a table that shows that breakdown by month:

Unfortunately you can’t get a solid feel for what the best posts actually were because some posts got 300-500 hits on the first day or two and didn’t get any hits after that. While some other posts continue to get hits from Google each day.

Some of these top posts didn’t get a lot of initial hits but continue to get hits from search engines almost daily. I took the top hits from the year that had at least 400 hits:

Title Views
Home page 22,782
Is GWT the future of web development? 2,072
Which Java sort is faster – MergeSort, QuickSort or Arrays.sort? 1,294
Get the Lotus Notes attachment viewer today! 1,143
Finding the XPath in Internet Explorer 1,064
plugin_customization.ini and Eclipse preferences 941
A great Lotus Notes Composite Application tutorial 881
Free charting in Lotus Notes 841
Introducing jDojo! 824
Eclipse announces move to .NET and away from Java 773
About Me 705
Extending Notes Mail – Mail Rule utility update for Notes 8.5 684
Learning JDojo Part 1 610
Learning the Android SDK 598
Tutorial: How to add the Attachment Viewer to your mail file 575
Where are all of these Eclipse preferences stored? 570
New Mail Rule Utility for Notes 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 564
Survey: Is anyone using JQuery in XPages/Domino? 560
Expensify CEO: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Programmers 498
Demo: Installing the attachment viewer into Lotus Notes 485
How does Facebook serve millions so fast? BigPipe 482
Book Review: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 482
Is Eclipse 4 a game changer? It may be… 467
Videos 464
Attachment Viewer on Steroids 461
Why BrowserFunction is so cool 450
Do you use group tabs in Lotus Notes? 446
Lotus Notes IS the ultimate platform 446
New OpenNTF Project – Multiple Database Search 441
Using LotusScript to communicate with Java/Plug-ins 431
Learning the Eclipse RCP by Lars Vogel 428
Apple saves Java! 424
Who uses the E4 Rhino JavaScript debugger? 404
Dojo.query and forEach loop, a powerful combination 403

Here is the table for the top referrers for the year- once again, thank you!

Referrer Views 24,041 1,134 870 843 612 517 286 274 224 206 186 180 154 152 138 137 127 123 112 107 103 101

Top clicks:

URL Clicks 379 345 181 170 156 146 142 141 134 133 130 126 125 120 118 115 114 112 111 109

Top searches:

By the way – the “snow” term was from the HTML5 snow jQuery plugin I used during winter and also from some snow pictures I posted.

Search Views
snow 4,909
jdojo 435
snow pictures 291
gwt future 279
bob balfe 198
lotus notes tutorial 152
future of gwt 141
labjs 121
over fifty is nifty 110




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