Battle of the Web browsers

This is a pretty good article on InfoWorld. I find it amazing that this field is still so competitive but in the end its great for the consumer. I have been using FireFox 4 lately and I have to say I prefer Chrome 10.

Battle of the Web browsers | Applications – InfoWorld.

From the article:
A good place to begin comparing the browsers is to look at a checklist test like The HTML5 Test, a slick piece of JavaScript that grades your browser as it loads the page. The HTML5 Test gives out points for the availability of a long list of features, then totals up the score.
The HTML5 Test
Raw score Extra points
Chrome 10.0 290 13
Opera 11.10 258 7
Firefox 4.0 255 9
Safari 5.0 228 7
Internet Explorer 9.0 130 5

2 thoughts on “Battle of the Web browsers

  1. I found FF4 to be memory hog – just ridiculous, so I switched to Chrome. Tried to upgrade to IE9 but apparently it won’t install on XP.

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