HTML5, CSS and Dojo it is

After my last post and a bunch of research over the weekend I have decided to do this next personal project in HTML5, CSS and Dojo versus Flash or Java Applets. Thank you to everyone who responded on Twitter, Facebook and this blog – original post. So don’t be surprised if I start blogging about that project on a regular basis. The client, my wife, is still a bit shady on exactly what she wants so I am sure I will be doing and re-doing again and again. 🙂

I do plan on using several tools available on the net today. The site will be Drupal based with a custom theme, I will leverage the security model, Node model, and REST services Drupal offers out of the box. I might even play with some basic concepts on KidWrite to make it a bit more dhashy (a play on Flashy – Dojo, Html, And cSs). Dojo offers a great abstraction above Canvas and I will be using the Dojo Toolkit Web Builder to optimize the Dojo package for the site. I am still undecided on whether or not I will use Eclipse or Notepad++ for the development environment. I have not done a lot of development in Eclipse for PHP based projects as Notepad++ is dirt simple and fast – I am probably just not setting it up correctly for PHP programming and haven’t seen the benefits of Eclipse as I do with Java applications.


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