Google Summer of Code: Projects with the most entries

I took the table from the summer of code site and exported it to a spreadsheet to see who has the most projects for this years Google Summer of Code. Here are my results as of 4/25/2011.

I only took the top 25:

KDE 51
Apache Software Foundation 41
Python Software Foundation 36
GNOME Project 27
OSGeo – Open Source Geospatial Foundation 21
Drupal 20
FreeBSD 17
The Eclipse Foundation 17
Blender Foundation 17
OpenMRS 16
openSUSE Project 16
R Project for Statistical Computing 15
Gentoo Foundation 15
VideoLAN 14
Mono Project 13
The Linux Foundation 13
The Honeynet Project 12
WordPress 12
The Java Pathfinder Team 12
Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) 12
Mozilla 12
Portland State University 11
Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) 11
Point Cloud Library (PCL) 11
Apertium 11

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