You have to admit, Flash is shiny

Today I went through a bunch of tutorials and flows in the WebSphere Commerce Management Center – which just happens to be a Flash application written with OpenLazlo. The application is very responsive and its basically a “rich application” with full drag and drop, copy paste, and context menus all within the browser. Check out the screen shot of the center running in FireFox:

Click to make larger

I was practicing some customer scenarios and learning the different pieces of the Commerce product. Today I played with associations and marketing campaigns. But that’s not what I am blogging about tonight.
The thing that amazes me about Flash is the inherent bad wrap it gets for being yet another proprietary platform that will just suck you in. The problem is, when my kids (and just about everyone else for that matter) use Flash based applications they rave about them! So is it bad? I am not sure. I do know much of the function and site could have easily been done in Dojo today; but the center has been around for a bit and Dojo may not have been stable enough back then.

The back-end Sales Center, however, is written in Java on the Lotus Expeditor platform which is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.

I am really not sure why the two different, but similar, platforms were used for tooling in the same product base but I am sure there is a story there.

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