Attending IMPACT, Dojo, and the community

This was the first time I have attended IMPACT as a “customer”, meaning I have an agenda of sessions throughout the day that I chose to attend and help educate me about my new job and area. My focus is primarily WebSphere and Sterling Commerce with a little bit of Cloud in there. What is amazing is the energy here at IMPACT. Everyone is very positive about the brand and the software – its a really good feeling. Ok, now back to what I meant to write about. Dojo!

So I did go to one session today that was about Social Commerce and how you can integrate with Facebook and Twitter on your commerce sites. It also talk about how you can use Dojo to extend the site with more functionality by calling the different social API’s and using Dojo as the UI. This made me realize Dojo is pretty much synonymous with WebSphere so I decided to add a Dojo category of blogs to PlanetWebSphere. When developers at IMPACT talk about coding it is pretty much in Java and Dojo, so I think this new category is applicable.

I also went ahead and added Twitter widgets to this blog and to PlanetWebSphere. So hopefully I get more followers on both accounts.


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