Thoughts on IMPACT… day one

The first day of IMPACT was filled with excitement. I got to meet a few people I only see (or have never met personally) in the first day!  With 8000 people here it is very easy to see the direction of the web, business processes, and commerce. The stories I heard today are nothing short of amazing, I especially like the one with IBM and Caterpillar.  Mike Rhodin and Craig Haymen gave a really good presentation in the Commerce mini-tent, once again, the room was filled with enthusiasm as it is very easy to see the value Websphere Commerce(WC) brings to the table. It is clear that WC is real software that solves real end user and B2B problems, mixed with Sterling order management and its amazing the different business flows that can be done. All kinds of these are being announced, videos posted, etc. The amount of information is overwhelming. If you want to see a cool video I found about the history of WebSphere it is worth the watch, check it out here. Tomorrow is another day filled to the brim with sessions!

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