Eclipse survey, make sure you participate!

Ian posted a blog entry on the up and coming Eclipse survey. This is an annual survey that everyone in the Eclipse community should participate in. So anyone using or writing to Eclipse IDE, Domino Designer, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, IBM Sales Center, Lotus Expeditor (you get the point) should participate in.

A draft of the survey is available. Feel free to fill-out the survey but your answers will be deleted before we launch the official survey.  If you have any suggestions for new questions, missing options or general editorial comments, please let me know via comments here or e-mail (ian at eclipse dot org) — link



1 thought on “Eclipse survey, make sure you participate!

  1. Thanks for info. I will be glad to participate.

    Btw – somebody maybe know why the survey page for eclipse is written in 🙂 ?
    (look at the page extension: ……)

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