Coding in the cloud is everywhere

As you might have been reading on this blog I created the site and the site is based on Drupal 7. The exercise was for me to learn Drupal. What I really didn’t go into was how easy this site was to produce and how it was produced. In Drupal they introduced a concept call Views where you can create basically any block with text, html, or PHP. In PHP mode you have total access to the entire Drupal API including things like module, hooks, and database API’s. The screen shot on the right is actually a custom content view where you can simply write any PHP.That is the exact code I wrote for the left panel of “Feeds”.

The screen shot below is a View, where much of the UI and query definition is done using a form based entry. The View UI also allows for custom PHP to be used in many places, just about any place actually. I used a view for the main page, “The River”, where I have some custom HTML and PHP inside different sections of the list, including at the field level.

I really think after working with WordPress, Drupal, and watching the videos about Orion, this is the place of the future. As more and more tablets are released you will see more and more things, even development, move to the cloud. The development in Drupal reminds me of Domino Designer in many ways. The association between the database and UI is somewhat blurred to the developer and in short, it’s just plain easy.

5 thoughts on “Coding in the cloud is everywhere

  1. I have a SVN repository on GoogleCode. It is also very nice to be able to make a change in the webbrowser (with a kind of code editor) and commit it direcly.

  2. Welcome to the future :-). Drupal’s node system, combined with CCK and views indeed is reminiscent of the Notes Document-paradigm. Check out Nodequeue, which adds a folder-like paradigm to the mix. The Drupal ecosystem blows away anything else I have sen in the CMS space.

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