Eclipse announces move to .NET and away from Java

According to an insider of the elusive Eclipse Foundation, there has been some what of a coup to ban anything to do with Java in the next major release of Eclipse. Even though Eclipse 4 is well under way this resource claimed a loud message was heard at the last board meeting:

Java is just too extensible and powerful, there is no reason we need such a powerful language for this kind of work. .NET or Perl would suffice. We need to move NOW.

— Anonymous Eclipse Foundation Member

This of course has sent shockwaves throughout the community, with large protests claiming Java provided the very freedom they needed to make Eclipse successful and moving to .Net would severely limit the future possibilities. Some have even gone so far to say they will move to another industry if this happens, like management.

One little girl from Libya even stated the following:

I would rather have Col. Gaddafi back in power than to move to .NET, it just isn’t right.
–Under aged Child

I don’t think anyone anticipated this move by Eclipse but one thing is for sure, this kind of news only happens once a year and usually on the first day of April.


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