Battle of the Web browsers

This is a pretty good article on InfoWorld. I find it amazing that this field is still so competitive but in the end its great for the consumer. I have been using FireFox 4 lately and I have to say I prefer Chrome 10.

Battle of the Web browsers | Applications – InfoWorld.

From the article:
A good place to begin comparing the browsers is to look at a checklist test like The HTML5 Test, a slick piece of JavaScript that grades your browser as it loads the page. The HTML5 Test gives out points for the availability of a long list of features, then totals up the score.
The HTML5 Test
Raw score Extra points
Chrome 10.0 290 13
Opera 11.10 258 7
Firefox 4.0 255 9
Safari 5.0 228 7
Internet Explorer 9.0 130 5

Nice gallery of HTML5 sites

There a lot of great ideas and designs on this site, a must see – html 5 Gallery

HTML5 gallery has two primary aims, the first is to showcase sites that use HTML5 for markup, so that we can see how people have interpreted the specification and how they’ve implemented it. This leads me on to the secondary aim which is to help people learn about html5 and how it should be used and how to implement it.

Beer blogging…

Michael Thomas

When you blog and drink beer at the same time.

I use to do that but I realized my typos, grammar, and overall objective of the post was really bad – yes, even worse than it normally is. Now, I just scotch blog. I don’t think it’s any better.


Thanks to Michael Thomas for the image!

Cool HTML5 site

Been plugging around the net and found this neat little site that shows off some really neat games written in HTML5. The site links to a bunch of other sites where the games are hosted. You can quickly see how powerful this technology is.

HTML5Games site


HTML5, CSS and Dojo it is

After my last post and a bunch of research over the weekend I have decided to do this next personal project in HTML5, CSS and Dojo versus Flash or Java Applets. Thank you to everyone who responded on Twitter, Facebook and this blog – original post. So don’t be surprised if I start blogging about that project on a regular basis. The client, my wife, is still a bit shady on exactly what she wants so I am sure I will be doing and re-doing again and again. 🙂

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For the last month or so I began a project to get kids reading and writing online. The project was!

I started KidWrite to promote reading and writing in children as early as possible. I am a writing advocate and want to see children advance in the art and science of writing and reading. I truly believe using the computer for writing is a way to get children comfortable with a computer in a safe and educational way. I hope to see KidWrite being used by all schools where they promote writing and reading in the cloud.

KidWrite was designed to let kids start writing and expressing themselves through written content. All kids are encouraged to write and share their work with others on this site. This site will promote writing through sharing and writing contests. Kids can optionally just use the Journal feature to keep a private online journal where their writing and thinking skills can remain private.

Check it out and send in any feedback on the site or back to me on this blog. The site is pretty new and some kinks are still being worked out but I feel it is in good shape to publicize.



Google Summer of Code: Projects with the most entries

I took the table from the summer of code site and exported it to a spreadsheet to see who has the most projects for this years Google Summer of Code. Here are my results as of 4/25/2011.

I only took the top 25:

KDE 51
Apache Software Foundation 41
Python Software Foundation 36
GNOME Project 27
OSGeo – Open Source Geospatial Foundation 21
Drupal 20
FreeBSD 17
The Eclipse Foundation 17
Blender Foundation 17
OpenMRS 16
openSUSE Project 16
R Project for Statistical Computing 15
Gentoo Foundation 15
VideoLAN 14
Mono Project 13
The Linux Foundation 13
The Honeynet Project 12
WordPress 12
The Java Pathfinder Team 12
Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) 12
Mozilla 12
Portland State University 11
Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) 11
Point Cloud Library (PCL) 11
Apertium 11