Target Management – must have project for developers

Target Management

This is a must have Eclipse project for anyone who uses Eclipse as their integrated development environment. I use this project exclusively for many of my projects that are on remote servers. The project has many options for synchronizing or connecting your development environment to a remote system. It is perfect for web based development. For instance, I use this with the PHP (PDT) installation of Eclipse and I use it to push and update source files to the remote site. You can also connect to many different kinds of back-ends, check out the screen shot for the list of options available. I really like the fact you can import a remote source folder into your project and synchronize it with the server, it’s great for PHP development.

The Target Management project creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems, their connections, and their services.
Our main offering is the Remote System Explorer (RSE), which is also part of the Eclipse Indigo coordinated release train. It integrates any sort of heterogeneous remote resources under a single, consistent UI and allows transparent working on remote computers just like the local one. For Indigo, it provides access to remote file systems for other projects to consume via the Eclipse Filesystem (EFS). — link

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