Coshopping is a cool feature

Just watched one of my last IBMEA training videos on Websphere Commerce and I thought this one feature was pretty interesting. I have never seen this implemented on a site but I think it would have been useful in the past like when I was shopping online near a holiday – my wife and I could have co-shopped together! The co-shopping feature comes with Websphere Commerce version 7 with feature pack 2. The feature of course uses Dojo and the demo/sample widget can be used across the site as a widget with just a few steps.

Coshopping enables two shoppers within their own browser to shop together
– explore a store
– take control of a session
– highlight web page elements
– view products
– chat about products


4 thoughts on “Coshopping is a cool feature

  1. We’ve been messing around with this too, for us alongside Sametime. It is amazing how many little things like this IBM has hidden away that have great value.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Can you please guide me how to enable the feature in the developer toolkit? I went through the below link –

    Can you guide me if I need to install WAS seperately ? If no , how I can import WebSphere Application Server into Installation Manager?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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