Time for a change

As few have probably seen either on Twitter or LinkedIn or have spoken with me directly, I am making a rather large move in my career. I am moving to the Websphere Commerce technical sales team. Hopefully my client engaging experiences and my public speaking experiences will help as I ramp up with the technology piece. So far its been five days and over 30 videos from IBM Education Assistant – they really did do a great job on this stuff.

Now for the hard part, I was in Lotus Notes technology as a customer and then a core developer for Iris (then IBM) for a combined twenty years – yeah, it ages me, oh well. Working at Iris Associates was truly the greatest time in my career, not sure if that environment will ever be seen for me again.

I will continue to evangelize and be part of the Notes and collaboration community and most especially supporting the open source projects on OpenNTF and keeping up with my Eclipse skills. The good news is, Websphere Commerce uses Eclipse and Rational Application Developer(RAD) ,and even has products based on Lotus Expeditor and Eclipse RCP – the IBM Sales Center, for instance. I loved working on Notes and Domino, its been a long and fun road.

Most of all, I will miss Lotusphere and the people, but hopefully I stay connected through this blog, facebook, twitter, linkedIn, digg, myspace, sametime, planet lotus, openntf, and any other sites you can think of. 🙂 My new Lotusphere is now Impact, so if you are a Loti going to Impact hook up with me for a drink!

6 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. I second what Stuart said. I’ve very much enjoyed your posts–particularly on Domino development. You’ve often shown the value of having the rich eclipse client and how that can be leveraged. Best wishes on your new gig.

  2. Best of luck, Bob! It’s been a great ride and I’m sure you’ll be a hit over in the Websphere world as well. Reminds me of the Joker in the Batman movie: “Wait’ll they get a load of me!”

  3. Congratulations Bob. We’ll miss you in the Yellow space, but understand that you’ll still be involved and not far away. Great work through the years!

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