Distributed source control with Git

Chris posted a nice tutorial about setting up Git to promote the Effect Git tutorial at EclipseCon this week.

Git is a distributed SCM, which means every developer has a full copy of all history of every revision of the code, making queries against the history very fast and versatile. – EGit

You can check out the Git site and learn about how the source control system can be used in a team atmosphere. I don’t have a lot of experience with Git so it would be interesting if someone could compare it to clearcase, subversion or svc. We use ClearCase at IBM and its pretty powerful for team branches, merging, labels, etc. Git looks like it does most of that but in a different way, with everyone essentially getting local copies of all source and changes. Which is great for searching and history. I know ClearCase is very slow searching history over the network and you only get a subset of features when using remote ClearCase.

4 thoughts on “Distributed source control with Git

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  2. ClearCase Eclipse tooling is of very poor quality.

    The egit integration is already more stable, more performant, and better integrated than either the ClearCase native plugins or the CCRC plugins!


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