Why web based IDE’s just make sense

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Today there are many applications and frameworks that allow development of the web site or application all from the web. You can publish things immediately or at a later date . Applications like Trelix, WordPress, and many other applications all have some kind of programming capability right within their admin tool. Some content management systems even allow you to add content right from the regular UI. So what is missing?

Well, something like Orion, that’s what is missing. Orion is basically the ever popular Eclipse IDE but is 100% web based. Take WordPress for instance. You can pretty much design your theme and code it entirely in the WordPress Admin panel, see the picture on the right. The problem is the editor is a basic text editor. They added a Documentation combo box for the common WP functions but the reality is the editor is not the greatest. Now, imagine if Orion was integrated into this system. You would get line numbers, color coding, and all of the other great things Eclipse brings to the table. Since WordPress is files based I actually don’t think this effort would be too hard – maybe this would be a great idea for a kick-butt WordPress extension!

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