28 Days of Dojo was a success, or at least for me it was!

So here it is, noon on the last day of 28 Days of Dojo. I have to say I didn’t think my site would have been getting as much traffic as it did in this last month. The total count is nearing 10,000 hits for the month with a daily average of over 350 hits per day, and that is with little or no posts on the weekends. This is looking like it will be my most hit count in a single month for the site. Most of all, I have received more comments and emails this month than ever before, thank you!

So what is the conclusion? I think Dojo has received a lot of coverage throughout the years and I think people are getting more and more into the framework as time goes by. I really didn’t raise anything that was not already out there but the comparisons to jQuery got a lot of attention. I think I need to do more in that space going forward.

Going forward I am sure to post about Dojo and probably more things about OpenSocial.org and Eclipse. I have never been a very structured blogger so sticking to a single topic was very different this past month for me.

Once again, I would like to send thanks for all of the comments, emails, tweets, etc that the community shared with me this last month!


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