LAMP is sweet with SugarCRM

There have been a few posts recently in the Yellowsphere about LAMP and “other” technologies. I have recently looked at the project called SugarCRM, and it is exactly that. You can download the open source edition on source forge and check it out. The code is pretty daunting but as you dive on it you quickly realize this is a piece of art. The code is very well modularized and is very object oriented with how the classes and modules are defined. Did I mention its completely written in PHP? The beauty in this beast is the platform is truly open and flexible, it has a great extension modal and can really be used for any kind of application or data modal. The user interface is done with Yahoo’s JavaScript UI library – not the greatest but pretty slick looking none the less. I would much rather have seen it use Dojo or jQuery, I just never got into the YUI stuff.

Here is another example of a pretty popular and supported web based application that is based on PHP. I am finding more and more that PHP is turning out to be more than just a scripting language. With applications like Facebook, WordPress, and SugarCRM you have to start wondering if there is something there.

I was also reading some blogs this weekend about what people use to develop PHP based sites and I was shocked to see how popular Notepad++ was. I have been using Notepad++ for a long time now for my WordPress site and a couple of other sites I support.

2 thoughts on “LAMP is sweet with SugarCRM

  1. Although I’m not a PHP fan, I agree with you about amazing programs build with it. But the good thing is that you can run they on ProjectZero/sMash too 🙂

  2. Yes, the SugarCRM ecosystem is amazing. I’m similarly impresses with Drupal for jus hat reason. Its a very well-modularized CMS with the most amazing ecosystem I’ve even seen. Not to knock WP or Joomla, but I think Drupal’s versatility has them beat.

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