As a Notes developer the iPad simply rocks

I start my day by going through emails, check my schedule on the calendar, and then jump right into work. My work is spread out through Eclipse, Designer, the Composite Application editor and test is in Lotus Notes. This doesn’t set well for the project manager side of my job where I attend meetings, demo stuff, or hold my own meetings because I am constantly going in and out of Lotus Notes and launching and shutting down Lotus Notes. I would have two laptops pretty much open all of the time, one with my production Lotus Notes email, calendar, etc open and possibly even my iPhone if I was upgrading the Notes client, and another laptop to develop and test on.

Well, then came along the iPad. I now have one developer laptop open and my iPad sitting on its cover stand at the viewing angle. Bye bye second laptop! What really rocks is how fast I can get the device out of sleep mode and straight to my calendar. With Traveler synchronizing my email, contacts and calendar it all simply “works”. At Lotusphere, for the sessions I could attend, I just brought the iPad. A small notebook like device that is extremely light and easy to carry. I had heard a crazy number like 1600 iPads were brought to the Opening General Session(OGS) on Monday, wow!

I am convinced tablets are the way of the future, no more laptops! With the introduction of Orion, I will be able to do almost everything from a touch screen device. Maybe in the near future.

3 thoughts on “As a Notes developer the iPad simply rocks

  1. Yes – been doing a little apple mobile development (with xpages and openntf mobile controls for small projects). Works well – trying to hold off until the new version iPad is out. Been using emulators (crap) and an iPod touch (addictive) in the meantime….

    Was a blackberry addict – now I want rid.

  2. Too bad IBM forgot about NotesBuddy. It was a feat, lightweight client that could be run independently from your Notes client and good for mail, calendar, and Sametime. Even better, you didn’t have to watch for messages. It would read them to you! Even my Outlook bigots were happy with it! But none of the developers at Lotusphere even remembered it. That’s just nuts.

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