Java tops the list of “in-demand” and highest paid skills!

Great article on IT skills in demand with some key points taken from a survey.

“.NET were relatively low on the scale, compared to Java, C, and even ColdFusion Developers” – link

A couple of shockers – Apex, the language of and Python over Ruby…really??

Java/J2EE commandeer the highest salaries on average

It looks like general Network and Security people also have a pretty nice path. The article also eludes to cloud specialists not getting paid so high in the future.

2 thoughts on “Java tops the list of “in-demand” and highest paid skills!

  1. I looked at that report and I am very sceptical of its value. Like who makes a living of knowing just Korn Shell and make 85K/year….. Korn shell is only a shell…like bash..

    some of the positions listed are not really positions..

  2. I agree, it sounds like they took skills that some administrators need and made it sound like a full job. I have seen different shell skills on many admin like job postings but its not like you would be the “Korn” guy!

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