How do I do that in Lotus Notes?

I have been watching my video “watched” counts for a bit and I am very surprised the most widely watched videos on my YouTube and Videos page are the ones targeted for end users. I mostly write about very technical things like API’s, Java, Dojo, or using Eclipse, etc so this is kind of surprising to me. I also have many friends and family who use Lotus Notes on a daily basis at work and I am shocked to hear some of their questions. I might go ahead and create a series of quick tip videos specifically for Lotus Notes use. If you have any cool ideas you want to see in a quick tip video let me know.

Also, don’t forget, the Lotus VideoFest ends next week!

1 thought on “How do I do that in Lotus Notes?

  1. Recently transitioning from Outlook to Notes and still using Office daily, something I miss is the triple click.

    In Office and some other text editing programs a single mouse click places the cursor, a double click highlights the word, and a triple click highlights the line or sentence. I’m quick with the Shift, CTRL, Home, and End keys but I haven’t yet figured out Lotus’ equivalent to highlight a line.

    I’d like to see the ‘top ten’ or must know shortcuts to make sure I’m taking advantage of available efficiencies.

    Thanks Bob.

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