IBM is all over the NFL playoffs!

For all of you U.S. people who have been watching the NFL playoffs this year, you may have noticed all of the IBM commercials, I know I did and my kids did also. They always comment when they see an IBM commercial. This makes you feel good when you are a part of such a visible company and I think the advertising for IBM is very cool.  “I am an IBMer”, I love it!

You can check out all of the commercials on the IBMSocialMedia page on YouTube.

1 thought on “IBM is all over the NFL playoffs!

  1. The only thing wrong with the ads is tey all say join us, even the print ads have a join us, but its not about someone wanting to work for IBM. It is only about what smarter planet could do for you.
    IBM could probably get a huge influx of college people if HR had a link there.

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