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I was checking out the site and I think the concept is very cool but I would like to get others opinions on this.  I can easily see myself using my iPhone for audio books when I run or am working out.  I like music but I also like listening to news or sports and was thinking I might enjoy listening to a book. The price looks pretty good, for $150 it looks like you get 12 books.

I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this product or use it with their iPhone or MP3 player.

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  1. Yep, I’ve been an Audible subscriber for about 5 years, syncing the audiobooks to my iPod, iPhone and now iPad.

    Love it for listening to business books on my commute to far flung customers, for the kids when on holiday and basically to stop me feeling bad about failing to get time to read properly!

  2. Hi Bob, Don’t put any money out yet. Audible is a good service. I don’t like how they restrict sharing on itunes.

    To see if audio books are for you check out Podio books they have many free audiobooks. I would suggest Scott Sigler’s work but it might not be for you so many others are on the site.
    Also their is it has lapsed copyright books in audiobook format for free.

    The Gutenberg Project also has good links.

    Any questions hit me up on greenhouse or bleedyellow sametime with the comment email.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Audible is a good service. I don’t like their restriction on sharing on itunes.

    But before you spend any money their are some great free options.
    Podio Books has many great audiobooks for free. I like Scott Sigler.

    Many audio books are available in podcast format on itunes for free.
    For example search for Scott Sigler on ITMS and just be careful Apple lists free books a second time a fee also that is just Apples way.

    Project Gutenberg Audio book links Has lapsed copyright audiobooks for free.

    Any questions hit me up on bleedyellow or greenhouse sametime at my comment email.

  4. Yes, Audible has been an important part of my life for over 10 years and through several versions of mp3 players (currently an iPhone). Among many advantages, it lets me take a wide selection of books along for my annual holiday in the Adirondack Mountains at Big Moose Lake. I consider the quality of service and attractive pricing an exceptional value.

  5. I’ve subscribed for years and been very satisfied. I spend a lot of time driving and prefer to have a book to music when doing so. They have a wide variety, and you can queue books up so that you automatically buy them – that way you don’t look a book if you forget to log in and pick something that month.

    The one time I had to call in (in order to clear out the # of computers I had authorized – I hadn’t cleared that out over the years) the call went quick and easily.


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