When a site has social overload!

Ever since I posted the entry about IBM.com “being social” I started looking around the net for how exactly other sites are social.  I noticed most popular blogs and sites have a section in the article where you can share the article on your favorite network. To be frank, most sites offer LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter the most with Facebook and Twitter being the clear leaders.

I then looked at my own site and I realized on my front page (the main blog index), it just looked like a bunch of buttons everywhere! I use WordPress and that share toolbar is the Sexy Bookmarks plugin which allows me to specify what social sites I want icon links for in my posts.  Well, I decided to keep the toolbar but hide it when you simply look at the page.  I used the CSS technique to hide the bar until the “Share:” section is hovered over by the mouse.  I think the site looks a lot better, I am just not sure if this is the right approach or if I should expose the “Share:” in a different way.  I did however, in a single post always show the bar – which is really where most people end up on my blog.  While I get a lot of hits to the main page, most of my hits are from feed aggregators to the specific entry.  I am interested to hear peoples thoughts on the main index approach.  I just think that page needs to be “simple”.  Thoughts?

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