Why isn’t IBM.com social?

Reading the many posts about the white paper about XPages and Domino I went ahead and read the link in Ed’s post about the case study CRM application built with Domino XPages.  After reading the article, which I found pretty interesting, I noticed there were no “share” or “tweet” icons anywhere to be seen on the IBM.com site.  Maybe this is just a point in time statement, however it is certainly an opportunity for things like the new Vulcan objectives – maybe IBM.com should be a target to be Vulcanized…

I am sure this post will get some attention but to put it simply, I would have tweeted this if the icon was there!  Ok, I will copy and paste the URL for now…

11 thoughts on “Why isn’t IBM.com social?

  1. Seems to me that IBM websites in general lack that ‘exceptional web experience’ that they talk about with customers.

    It’s been the same for the entire time I’ve worked with IBM technologies – their focus is on customer projects, not their own sites…

    • But isn’t that the root of the problem? If no one knows about these wins then what good are they? If people twittered or linkedin this stuff automatically it would organically be communicated much quicker.

  2. I think you are spot on with this Bob. I liked your idea so much I decided to steal it and post it on idea.net for others to vote… I assume IBM employees are not “encouraged” to post ideas there.

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  4. @Craig: Okay, so you have them on the page. However, based on Bob’s comment, and my look at the site, you really have to KNOW to look there to use those buttons. There must be a better way to allow the user to interact with your site without making them search the page for teeny tiny little icons in the footer.

    I think that you are making the user work too hard to share your content. But I am not a user interface type of person, so I am probably wrong.

  5. @Gregg You’ll notice I did not add any judgement about whether I liked the share features treatment, just that they are there. 🙂

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