Resources for AD201 – How the Jedi’s Do Plug-in Development

As promised, here is the list of resources referenced for the AD201 Lotusphere session.

You can drag and drop the following links to your My Widgets panel in the Notes client:

Attachment Viewer Widget

Mail Rules Widget

Multiple Database Search Widget

Referenced Project links:


LS11 – JMP103 – Plugin development Jumpstart

Nice crowd for the session, so far so good for Mikkel and Ryan!

Blocking Sex

I reconfigured my router last night and decided to block sites that contain the word “sex” in them. Unfortunately, a very popular WordPress plugin I use on my posts, Sexy Bookmarks, stopped working for me. I guess sex isn’t always a bad thing…

Be Social at Lotusphere, get on Tungle!

I published my Meet the Developers lab schedule on Tungle and the different sessions I will be attending. Do the same to let everyone know where you will be at Lotusphere!

You can install the Eclipse plugin from here using widgets: link

You also check my calendar here.

Deploying trusted plugins to your enterprise

This is a pretty hot topic for enterprises deploying the now many plug-ins available in the Lotus community. Do you want to deploy trusted plug-ins? Do you want to control what plug-ins can be installed? Then you may want to consider reading these resources:

First thing you need to know is how to sign your plugin, check out this great article for how to do that: Explore Eclipse’s plug-in signature mechanism.

Next, you will need to setup the Domino policies to restrict what certificates can be accepted by your clients. Check out the Domino wki for that: Pushing trusted certificates to Lotus Notes clients.

From Julian: OSGI sidebar app for Lotus Notes

I just had to plug this to the Eclipse Developer community:Free Sidebar App: OSGi Sidebar Console

Lotusphere: Meet the developers lab!

Every year I am surprised by how many people that do not know about the Meet the Developers Lab at Lotusphere. This year  it is in the Dolphin, Asia 1 and 2. Usually the rooms right next to the escalator down to the product show case. If you have any level of technical questions that are not clear or answered in a session then this is the place to go!

I will also be in the lab at designated times, see below. If you want to know the schedule of a speaker for lab time then you can simply ask the podium at the front of Asia 1 to print it out for you. This way you can visit the developer you want to see on your time.

Here is my schedule:

Mon 11:00 – 12:00
Mon 05:00 – 6:00
Tue 11:00 – 12:00
Tue 01:00 – 5:00
Wed 11:00 – 1:00
Wed 02:00 – 5:00
Thu 09:30 – 11:00