Prediction: Chrome will be #1 by end of 2011

As Neil predicted last year about Chrome, I will make one myself – the Chrome web browser will be the number one browser in the world by the end of 2011.  That is probably a crazy prediction considering its only at about 15% of market share today.

My blog is by far not a complete census but it clearly shows Chrome way ahead of every other browser besides FireFox.  Interestingly, I still use FireFox most of the time but I do find myself going over to Chrome every now and then.  Chrome was about 15% of browsers hitting my site just a month ago and IE 8.0 was close behind, the gap is getting larger.

Here is a chart of the browsers that hit my site in a single day:

4 thoughts on “Prediction: Chrome will be #1 by end of 2011

  1. And IBM Lotus Connections doesn’t support it. Google Chrome has just been incorporated with new Sony TVs. I know I.E. and Firefox are the only NTLM compatible but IBM should be aware about this prediction. I use Firefox and Chrome.

    And Bob, Attachment Viewer a great successful. All users very happy with it.

  2. Bob, get familar with Chrome, I dropped FF for development about 6 months ago, and only use it when the error message handle is a little odd in Chrome, but Chrome is miles ahead of FF on speed and dev tools and overall developer experience, and given WebKit all sorts of stuff, that is such an advantage. Do it you !! Merry XMAS Dude!

    • @Erik – I thought the same thing but I have noticed for instance with friends on Facebook they claim they only use chrome – and these are regular people not in IT.
      @Matt – I just notice some sites don’t work in chrome or caching is messed up some times. It is getting a lot better I must say and I will probably make the switch myself.

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