Google contributes GUI designer tool to Eclipse!

Wow, perfect timing for our Lotusphere presentation. You can download the tool right from Google or you can read about the functionality it brings.

Tools being donated include the WindowBuilder Java UI design tool as well as CodePro Profiler, a runtime Java analysis gauging factors like memory leaks. Both tools became Google property when the company bought Instantiations in August; they will now become open source projects at Eclipse. WindowBuilder has been used for development related to Standard Widget Toolkit, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), and Swing.

Check out the full article on InfoWorld.


3 thoughts on “Google contributes GUI designer tool to Eclipse!

  1. Nice tool…but still far from the robust SWT “Designer” I would expect : When you deal with “non simplistic” layout, each time you drag a field/resize/align elements you pray that your layout does not completely mess up…

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  3. Michael – Not sure what you mean. You should send us a test case. I deal with extremely complex layouts all the time and never have this problem. -Eric

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