Top posts for 2010

Every year before the Christmas holiday I like to see what my most popular posts were for the year. Considering I have a mixed bag of followers – mostly in the Eclipse and Lotus Notes communities, it is interesting to see what posts have the most hits.

Home page 14,335
Is GWT the future of web development? 1,500
Which Java sort is faster – MergeSort, QuickSort or Arrays.sort? 889
Get the Lotus Notes attachment viewer today! 871
Introducing jDojo! 687
Finding the XPath in Internet Explorer 671
A great Lotus Notes Composite Application tutorial 611
Free charting in Lotus Notes 604
plugin_customization.ini and Eclipse preferences 532
New Mail Rule Utility for Notes 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 498
Tutorial: How to add the Attachment Viewer to your mail file 496
Learning JDojo Part 1 480
Learning the Android SDK 477
Attachment Viewer on Steroids 438

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