Targeting your applications for Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS (learn about the operating system) is scheduled to be released mid 2011, is your site ready for it?  Is your company ready for it?  Do you even care about it?  Say goodbye to rich applications!  The entire concept of the operating system is 100% web.  There is no doubt this will entice companies to move and to “trust” the cloud.  The concepts that are touted here are ground breaking to say the least.  The question is, will companies and the public in general “trust the cloud” with everything?  I am not sure I would today, but it seems inevitable as more and more things move off of the device and onto some server.  So to follow my previous post about web applications and the rich client this is a great leap forward altogether – ie. no rich applications!  Will the casual business user see 100% web based desktops in less than a year?  I guess we will see…

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