How to Debug and Detect Deadlocks

Want to re-share this for the Lotus community.  I also want to remind the Lotus community the importance of Planet Eclipse – it is an invaluable resource for Java plug-in development.  This post below from Serge Beauchamp is pretty low level but worth the link and read!

How to Debug and Detect Deadlocks

After you read that article you can get the source code for the Deadlock Preventer in a more recent post here.

2 thoughts on “How to Debug and Detect Deadlocks

  1. so, are you running Domino Designer with it? Or should we ask the Notes development team to do it, to find deadlocks in the client…

    • I have not made the leap of doing plugin development right in Designer at this point, I still do all plugin development in base Eclipse with a few other tools and projects installed. I could have used this a few years ago when we first coded Notes 8.0, we have long gotten rid of any deadlock issues with regular analysis and automation.

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