Web applications in a rich world

I use a lot of web based applications and I am seeing more and more richness to these applications as time goes on.  I have also been playing heavily in Dojo, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and a little bit of JQuery.  I have written about things like the BrowserFunction in Eclipse before and as we come closer to Lotusphere you will be hearing more about this area.  Just like you can now have XPage components in the Lotus Notes client, you can also do the same thing with basic HTML or even JSP’s in the Lotus Notes client because it contains the Lotus Expeditor web container under the covers.

I am seeing first hand that web based UI’s can integrate and play in the Notes client – soon, and end user won’t be able to tell if something is written in SWT or HTML.  Lately I have been playing with CSS layouts and menus.  Some browsers still have a ways to catch up but for the most part the stuff works great and is dead simple to code.  When I start seeing these kinds of things and really processing it, it makes me thing Google Chrome’s Operating System may play a major role going forward.  In short, if you aren’t coding to CSS3, Dojo or JQuery you may be left in the dust!

If you had to choose, which one would you prefer?  CSS, Dojo or JQuery?

There is definitely a lot of competition in this space and I actually think a lot of it is complimented between the players (CSS versus JS frameworks).

In the end, I think there will still be a heavy mix of JavaScript and CSS.

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