What do you want to know about plugin development?

Now that we are in for Lotusphere 2011,  we are deciding which topics to include in the plugin Jumpstart and the session during the week.  If you plan on attending either of these and want to provide input to the session please feel free to post your suggestions here!  We have a good set of things we want to cover but its always good to hear what is in demand from the community.

Don’t be shy, email me or post a response here. 🙂

Thanks for all feedback and we hope you take time out of your busy Lotusphere schedule to learn about plugin development!

4 thoughts on “What do you want to know about plugin development?

  1. What would be interesting to know is how to manage domino connections when you have a notes plugin which consists out of several plugins. How to make it as efficient as possible?

  2. For the Jump Start – some very basic things, like how to get a plugin into the Notes 8.5.x client using the Update Site Template and Widget Catalog.

    For the regular session, more advanced stuff, like adding plugins to places other than the Side Bar – Like a new search tool, we did this and it’s not hard you just have to know where to go. So, an in depth section on the places and extensions needed to plug in to other areas of the Client. Also knowledge on using a preference page with your plugins, and accessing eclipse features.

    Lastly, if know, how plugins fit into the Project Vulcan roadmap.

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