QuickTip Video: Adding Hot Spots To Graphics In Lotus Notes Email

In this quick tip I show how you can send cool images with hot spots to your colleagues. You can also check out the entry over on the Lotus site for VideoFest.


4 thoughts on “QuickTip Video: Adding Hot Spots To Graphics In Lotus Notes Email

  1. Thanks for the quick tip. Good to know and I’m sure I’ll put it to use.

    And related…I went through a self education on creating buttons that initiate calendaring items for recipients two nights ago. I wish they were this easy.

  2. My guess is that most of the time people will have a smaller graphic and want the entire graphic to be a link.

    In these instances, I wish that the user could simply click on the graphic (to select it) then click the “Insert Hyperlink” toolbar icon, the same as they do for selected text.

    • You can do that, just by clicking the image and selecting the “Add Default Hotspot” menu item or by clicking the Link button in the global toolbar (which may only be available to 8.x+).

  3. The first works but isn’t intuitive, the second is intuitive, but doesn’t work. (Tried it in 8.5.2). Not sure what you did different.

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