Will you develop client components using XPages?

In Lotus Notes 8.5.1 you can now create first class components using XPages as the primary user interface technology.  This means you can now create full blown XPages applications or components (for composite applications and the sidebar).  So the question is, are you looking to create XPage based components for the Notes client?

3 thoughts on “Will you develop client components using XPages?

  1. Yes, we are. We are a very small shop and it would be difficult to maintain both LotusScript and XPages skills. XPages do seem to be the thing of the future so we are already in the process of moving our development framework to Java and XPages.

    We are aware that there are rather big UI differences between Notes client and browser and we are looking into them now.


  2. There are many customers still running Notes 6-7 or 8.x Basic clients, so we will maintain our classic Notes interface for some time to come, but use XPages for web based solutions.

    I think the ‘cost’ of getting XPages in the Notes client to have the same functionality as a classic Notes Form is too high right now.

    Getting into XPages has reminded me how powerful and quick it is to write amazing apps using good old Forms!

  3. investment wise I do not recommend to develop in classic Domino terms, however developers do not have the capabilities to deliver the same application in the same time in xpages than they are used to with forms/views/agents

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