What operating system are you running???

To carry on with the last of the cool charts from PiWik, here is the chart for the different operating systems that hit my site.  I am really liking the PiWik analytics;  I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing a video like David Leedy’s where he shows how he adds Woopra to an XPages application for collecting analytics.

I am still running mostly Windows XP and one Vista machine.  I use to run several flavors of Linux but now I just use that to debug.

2 thoughts on “What operating system are you running???

  1. Vista? Luckily, I was able to skip that, now on W7-64. I like it very much (and I was growing really tired of Xp and was very wary of Vista). At least try it!

  2. Mostly these days, at home, Mac OS X 10.6. I wish I could do my Domino development there without needing a windows license somewhere along the way. Prior to getting my ‘new’ mac, I was using Ubuntu 10.4. All XP at work everywhere.

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