Poll: Does anyone use the embedded browser in Lotus Notes 8.+?

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Does anyone use the embedded browser in Lotus Notes 8.+?

  1. I use it because it keeps me in Notes but I’d like to make more of it.

    In particular, I am itching to build a Notes composite application that uses Notes to front end our hosted Oracle HR (Oracle eBusiness Suite) system. Unfortunately, the embedded browser will not work with Oracle HR which is a MASSIVE pity.

  2. Because our users have the full freedom of what they want to use, I see a lot of people moving to Chrome. If I ask why, people like the high speed of this browser.

  3. Yes, except when it forces me not to. Part of our positioning of Notes that resonates with our customers is a single organized tabbed interface for all the primary work functions which can be further integrated with composite applications. Embedded Symphony makes this message resonate even stronger. And as more functions move to the cloud Notes can be the ideal integrated work client across platforms. That is except when I am forced to launch a separate external browser window because of compatibility issues. And what makes the story even more inconsistent is that I can’t right click for a single exception to use an external browser I am forced to go to preferences each time to change the default usage or change back. So much of Notes is so good and leading edge. But ignoring simple usability issues like these continue to create inconsistencies in communicating otherwise simple but powerful stories around integrating and simplifying tasks and associated applications. This may be a non-issue to we technologists who are happy to open a new window to get just the right tool for the task. But we are missing a huge market for a simple integrated work platform for the masses. And we are so close to that capability with just a little more Apple-like focus on the simplicity and usability side and a little less geekiness.

  4. We pushed down a policy to the clients, so that they autom. use the IE. But our users can change that also to firefox if they like. They can also revert hat back to the Notes build in browser, but normally they use the IE or firefox.

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