What browser are you using???

Check out the browsers that are accessing my site.  I am actually amazed Chrome is so high.  I am using FireFox pretty much exclusively as of late.

10 thoughts on “What browser are you using???

  1. I use FF exclusively on my work laptop, but use Chrome on my personal desktop. I use FF at work, cause I can’t live w/out Firebug, and while Chrome has a Firebug like interface, I don’t like it as much as the one in FF.

  2. FF4 beta here on the Mac, 3.6 on Windows. Used Chrome for some time on the Mac, until it began to display “[A]” characters on every page. It appeared to be a font cache issue, but reappeared after some time after cleaning the font cache.

  3. Chrome here, but I do use FF for development work as you can’t beat Firebug and then Medusa which is a Firebug extension. Chrome seems to be much faster than FF especially first run startup times.

  4. I have just switched to Chrome and I like it! The developer extensions that exists is just as good or better than FF. One extension lets you view the current tab in IE-mode, no need to even open IE any more. 🙂

  5. I switched to Chrome after following this procedure a few times:
    1. Launch Firefox
    2. Wait > 5 seconds
    3. Get bored waiting, launch Chrome
    4. Chrome launched, enter URL, page loads.
    5. Start reading page
    6. Firefox loads.

    That did happen me, on a number of occasions, and that made me switch to Chrome.
    Still use FF for any web development/debugging.

  6. I use Chrome for the day-to-day and Firefox for development work… with a peppering [in the eyes!] of IE for customer work when the need arises.

    Chrome runs on the Webkit rendering engine, which allows me to not only take full advantage of HTML5 but also quickly click-and-test iPhone and iPad “web clip” apps without the need to 1) test them on my actual devices or 2) rock Safari with the User Agent change.

    YMMV, but as far as I’m concerned, Chrome rocks!

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