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I love extension models and when software allows for easy extensions it makes a world of a difference in adoption.  I have been looking for ways to extend WordPress (my blog) and more specifically at the code level.  I found that the Shortcode API stuff is exactly what I am looking for!  What I wanted to do is start using YouTube as my video host – I know, I should have done this years ago.  I then followed this simple article and viola, I was able to embed my YouTube feed into my videos page.

So my plan is to post a bunch of “Quick Tip” videos to YouTube.  The videos will be around 30 seconds to two minutes long and will be very quick and to the point.  I am still undecided on whether I will blog about each video or just let YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook be my advertising approach.  I guess a single post for each wouldn’t hurt – what do you think?

Back to the cool part…

What is also cool is you can put the feed on any page or post with the basic syntax:

Here is what that code looks like but with smaller sizes:

[youtubefeed user=”bobbalfe” limit=”3″ height=”200″ width=”250″ ]

3 thoughts on “New Videos page

  1. This is awesome Bob, thanks for posting this! I’ll definitely be doing this for the Lotus Technical Information YouTube channel ( Do you know if there are parameters you can include to only pull certain videos? Perhaps only ones with a particular tag? Oh, and to answer your question, I think a blog post per video is a good idea.

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