The OpenNTF for Eclipse plugins

Most of my readers are in two camps, with many intersections along the way.  The two primary camps are Eclipse Developers and Lotus Notes/Domino developers.  I have lately been more on the Eclipse side – primarily because of my job – but none the less I do post occasionally Notes and Domino development stuff.  Anyway, I want to introduce to both communities (if not already known) the Eclipse Marketplace!  This is essentially the same thing as what OpenNTF is for the Notes community.  So for all of you Notes folks out there, there is another site you can use for Eclipse tools, plugin’s and solutions that may fit into your enterprise or in your daily tools.  Check it out!


Download counter update

If you recall my last post about the download counter plugin for WordPress; well, today I have an update to the usefulness of this plugin. While  OpenNTF is a great tool to share source code, widgets and sometimes binaries, it may not reflect how many people are actually using the widget.  If the widget accessed a remote site you could potentially figure out how many different clients connect to the server but none of my widgets do that, so I am left with download counts on OpenNTF and from my own site.

You can see the Attachment Viewer download statistics on OpenNTF:

Attachment Viewer – Releases

Release Date
Oct 6, 2010 Bob Balfe 137
Aug 23, 2010 Bob Balfe 122
Aug 10, 2010 Niklas Heidloff 129
Jul 22, 2010 Bob Balfe 79
Jul 19, 2010 Niklas Heidloff 1.0 215

And here are the statistics for the Multiple Database Search project:

Multi-Database Search Plugin – Releases

Release Date
Oct 25, 2010 Bob Balfe 141

The problem with this is I really don’t know how many people are actually using it! And to be honest I don’t think I ever will because someone could download it and distribute it freely – oh well.   So what I wanted to do was provide the binaries on my site and provide the widget XML so end users can install it themselves, without having to look at the source code.  You can see the numbers are very close, so this means the readers of this site closely mirror the people who are also downloading on OpenNTF – well that’s a loose theory anyway.

For reference, here are the widgets you can use to install the different projects:

Attachment Viewer

Mail Rules Widget

Multiple Database Search

QuickTip Video: Convert Microsft Documents To Symphony in seconds!

This quick tip shows how you can convert Microsoft Office files with just two clicks to Lotus Symphony Open Document Format. You can also rate this video on the Lotus Symphony Wiki.

Get rid of Microsoft Office today!

Had to pass this on because its just to great not to. Of course it has been out since June but I did not know it until I saw Dave Hay’s post on PlanetLotus -> see here.  Once again another kudos to the Eclipse

The link Dave points to is the Symphony site where you can download the plugin.

DragonTape – Cool way to combine videos!

How cool is this?

I combined all of the quick tip videos I have created into a single video using DragonTape.

Open Social Templates are very cool

If you get a chance, check out the Open Social templates. It is similar to Dojo templating and XPages. It carries a lot of similarities and I think it adds some interesting semantics to writing web applications. You can check it out here or play with it below.