XPages.tv is the real deal

I have to hand it to David Leedy for creating what I consider some pretty amazing videos.  I watched the first eight videos and plan to watch the rest very soon. Very clear, concise and to the point!  I guess they are not listed from beginner to advanced but it does appear to get right to the point on every subject.  He doesn’t have a British accent but his voice is pretty good.

I love this kind of stuff because I just play them while on the treadmill, way cool!  If you want to learn XPages the visual way then this is the place to be!

Check out XPages.tv today.


2 thoughts on “XPages.tv is the real deal

  1. Wow! What a nice post. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it.

    I think all of my videos are now iPad compatible if you have one. You can subscribe via notesin9.com. That works nice on the treadmill. 🙂

    Yes – right now I don’t have any meta-tagging on XPages.TV. That’s coming. I hope to have easy filtering on technology and also level – beginniner, intermediate, advanced. And I’ll be linking to a lot more videos then just my stuff. There’s a lot of good videos out there now a days. Ideally I’ll have a little feature where people can submit their own videos to XPages.TV.

    Don’t know what to say about my voice.. It can’t be that good… I hate it when I listen to my stuff…

    Thanks again!!!


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